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Rolf PDX is dedicated to bringing new options into your life.  Most people have never heard of or experienced Structural integration.  Also known as Rolfing, Structural Integration or SI is often only happily discovered as a last resort for chronic conditions for which all options including even surgery have been exhausted.  My mission is to increase public awareness of SI so that the people who want and need it can receive SI right from the beginning.  Rolfing itself is about options as well.  It works to create new ways for the client to move and hold the body and the re-patterning can be more than just physical.  Your posture is proven to effect your neurotransmitters and hormones, in other words improving your posture can literally make you happier and more powerful!

Structural Integration

Structural Integration is a 10 session process, using a soft tissue manipulation technique developed by osteopaths (bone doctors) to work with the fascia.  The fascia is the system which forms and supports our body's shape and movement patterns.  Rolfers are highly specialized in working with the fascia to systematically reorganize the movement and holding patterns of the muscles and skeletal system.  Frozen tissue is melted and the clients own movement is used while engaging the fascia to align all of the joints and movement patterns throughout the body.

Each of the 10 sessions focuses on a particular area of the body.  Through this process all of the restrictions to healthy movement are systematically unlocked and the body is aligned and organized from the surface to the core.  Finally in the last three sessions the focus turns to bringing everything into an integrated whole for optimum function.

Olaf Wilberg

My journey into Rolfing began with tension in my body.  I tried one massage therapist after another over the years, yet it didn’t seem to actually help.  My friend told me about Rolfing and I went in to my first session shortly after.  It was intense; half way through he showed me that I was half an inch taller on the side he had been working. When I got up at the end I could no longer feel my body it was like a ton of bricks had been lifted and I was weightless, floating out of his office.  I realized that if I had searched for years for Rolfing without even knowing it existed, then there must be others who also want what Rolfing offers and never heard of it yet.  So I went to school to become one more practitioner of a therapy that changed my life on more levels than I can explain.  If you are reading this I hope you can receive the same type of transformative experience.